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Articles about the early Church and what we believe as Christians!


On Prayer and the Early Church

A collection of articles, mainly on prayer and aspects of the early Celtic Church that might influence our own faith and worship.

A brief introduction to Prayer
Christianity and the Celtic Church - 1
Christianity and the Celtic Church - 2
Christianity and the Celtic Church - 3
Components of our Prayer
Early Church
Patterns of prayer and worship in the early Church
Praying through the Celtic Year
Some early Christian Prayers
What is the influence of the Celtic Church?
What is the heritage of the Celtic Church for today
Writing Prayers - help for writers
Worshiping in spirit and in truth

Basics of the Christian Faith

As I was looking at what I'd written over the past few years, it struck me that there were several sermons that seemed to group themselves into what might be called the basics of our faith. These are written given my increasing concern that many people who go to church week by week really do not have a basic understanding of the doctrines of the Christian faith. How many sermons have they listened to? How many times have they repeated the words of the Lord's Prayer and Creeds and not stopped to think about what those words really mean?

If you are in that category, perhaps unsure of your faith, in the dark about certain aspects of Christianity, then I hope that some of these might help bring some illumination.

What can we believe?
Finding God
Who is Jesus?
The Way, the Truth and the Life
Truly receiving Christ
The message of Easter
Born again
Something worth dying for!
The Ultimate Makeover!
What is God doing?
The Holy Spirit
Pentecost - an introduction
The Kingdom of God
What about miracles?
Suffering and sin
Christian calling
Walking by Faith
The Second Coming
Do not conform to this world's standards
A Christian attitude to giving

Free Online Bible Study

An eleven part study based on the broadly Celtic theme of Faith and Creation. The individual studies can be printed off for group or offline use. Connexions Bible Study.

And also............

The 'Confessio' of St Patrick
Rule of Saint Augustine
Rule of Saint Benedict
Rule of Saint Columba
Drama/ Sketches
Favourite Christian Quotes

Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship

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