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'In Search of Justice' Bible Study

Looking at how the Bible teaches us about justice and injustice

In search of Justice Bible StudyIf we’re looking for a dictionary definition, then the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines justice as ‘maintenance of what is just or right by the exercise of authority or power; assignment of deserved reward or punishment; giving of due deserts.’ The Cambridge Dictionary adds, ‘fairness in the way people are dealt with.’

Statements such as ‘There’s no justice in the world when people are suffering like that’ might come to mind. Our own experiences along life’s journey will no doubt influence our understanding.

This Bible study looks at both Old and New Testaments to get a bigger picture of what it says to us about Justice.  In the Old Testament, justice is often associated with righteousness and portrayed as a fundamental characteristic of the divine nature.

In his life and words, Jesus exemplified what we might see as the Christian view of justice, his teaching emphasising love for God and neighbour, forgiveness, and the pursuing of righteousness.


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The study  is formatted such that each individual study can be printed off on 2 double-sided sheets of A4 for distribution to a group, or distributed by email. If you're using it with more than one group, it would be appreciated if you could consider purchasing one study per group!

The four studies have all you need for a small group discussion, with useful images, plenty of commentary, discussion questions and prayers.

1) The Justice of God

2) God's Justice Revealed

3) In Family and Society

4) In the Life of Believers

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