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100 New Prayers for Today

100+ prayers about living in this world


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100 New Prayers for Today

This collection of prayers is all about living out our faith as we go about our business and leisure, and is a collection of a hundred new prayers for personal use, or for those who have been asked to lead worship in church.

'100 New Prayers' has prayers for ourselves and those we love, as well as prayers for those in the wider world, and includes Christian blessings.

These are prayers which are mostly not available on the faithandworship website. The pdf version available from the website has several photographs and related quotes or prayers from others, which are not available on the Kindle version.


100 new prayers for today

Your love be seen
in our greeting
and embracing,
in our thinking
and conversing,
in our giving
and receiving,
in our holding
and releasing,
in our winning
and our losing,
in our laughing
and our crying,
in our living
and our dying,
Your love be seen,
Your love be seen.

Guide and protect us
along safe paths
through this world;
and if we stumble
along the way, eyes
and ears diverted
by sights and sounds,
or should we fall
and cry for help,
then hear our call,
and lift us once again,
as a parent would a child,
into your loving arms.
Guide and protect us,
Loving God, we pray.

Quench the thirst we feel,
the dryness within
that this world’s wisdom
can never satisfy.
Flow through these veins
until our hearts
are infused with your love
and our lives
filled to overflowing.

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