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John Birch

"Welcome to this growing resource which started when I needed some prayers for a service I was taking and couldn't find just what I wanted, so wrote my own.

"I've lost track of how many prayers I have now written, but I know that my book 'The Act of Prayer' has over 700 in it, and the majority are not on this site!

"Based as I am on the beautiful South Wales coast, not far from where the early Celtic saints lived and ministered, there are plenty of opportunities to find inspiration for writing, and this platform enables me to share those moments with folk from all over the world - what a privilege!"

John Birch

Christian Prayer

Hundreds of free to use Christian prayers

The main purpose of this site is to be a resource of contemporary and traditional prayers that are free for you to use either personally or as a leader of worship.

Be it seasonal prayers for Advent, Easter, Pentecost or Harvest, or  opening/closing prayers for worship, prayers for peace, forgiveness, healing, creation and lots of other themes, hopefully you will find something suitable!

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General Bible Study Themes

There are a range of small group Bible Study themes available to download, all of which are designed for ease of use, with plenty of background information and enough questions to keep the discussion going!

These are formatted as PDFs which can easily be printed off for your study group and permission is granted to do this, so you only need one copy per group. They cost from just £2.99 (or US$4.55) so are also very affordable! Check out all the Bible studies available

Christian Prayer

Prayers for the morning

Are you someone who struggles to connect with God first think in the morning, when you are just that bit bleary-eyed, or in a hurry to leave the house for work?

Be thou my vision, Lord,
this day and every day,
the centre of my life,
the focus of my thoughts.
Be thou my wisdom, Lord,
the inspiration of my words,
in every situation,
Your Spirit my support.

Just spend a few moments quiety saying one or two of these prayers and allow the words to go with you through the day.

Online Bible STudy

FREE Online Bible Study!

An eleven part Bible Study on a broadly Celtic-inspired theme of Faith and Creation, which you can look at online or click the printable version if you want to use it offline or with your local  Bible Study group. Connexions Bible Study

A Guiding Light! New Bible Study for 2018

Guiding Light bible study

If you have ever been on a package holiday by air, then the chances are that at the destination airport you have been met by a representative employed by the tour company to be your guide though the week (or longer) of your stay.

Christians tend to think of guidance in terms of questions such as “What should I be doing with my life!” “Am I in the right job?”, “Am I in the right relationship?”, “Which Church should I go to?” and no doubt many more!

This study examines the theme of guidance, looking at Scripture and using examples of famous guides from history to inform our discussion.

Check out the Bible Study and download a sample study with this link

For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website, head to this page!

Newly published!  Prayers of Life

Advent Bible Study

A new collection of prayers for 2018, with over 200 contemporary prayers written individuals, worship leaders and small groups.

From blessings and prayers at the start of the day, these prayers begin with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, along with their joys, concerns, needs and conflicts.

The book is available as paperback from Amazon, and as a PDF download here for use on tablets etc.

In this confused
and fragile world,
strengthen our faith,
increase our love,
and let your peace
flow through us,
that we might be
an ocean of calm
in what has become
a restless sea.

Help us see this world
as through your eyes,
and this world see you
reflected through ours.

For more info, and sample prayers, head to this page!

Available as a paperback from Amazon

Also available as a pdf for mobile devices (Kindle is just a nightmare for poems!) from the online shop

Christian Prayer

Prayers about mission and service

A collection of new prayers looking at the Christian's response to the love that has been shown to us in Jesus Christ and the natural response to want to share that love with others.
Celtic Church

Triumph & Tragedy - Women in the Bible

In this Bible study, we’re looking at four Old Testament women who have a common connection with King David; three (Michal, Abigail and Bathsheba were wives and the fourth, Tamar, was his daughter).

The stories of these four women are intertwined at times, and include other members of the extended family, some in a helpful role, others very definitely not!

It is possible to see them as stories that would fit nicely into the soap operas that form part of our TV viewing, and there is also great tragedy, violence, intrigue and betrayal to add to the mix - but then, this is the Old Testament!

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